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How does TalkBack work?

During this time you are required to log in to the discussion to give your views on certain topics.

There are no right or wrong answers. We are interested in your views and opinions. Feel free to disagree with the opinions of other participants, but be nice about it!

What will I get for participating?

You will be rewarded with 1,500 PiggyPoints for participating actively in the discussion, by posting your meaningful comments to each of the topics.

How do I earn my PiggyPoints?

To earn your PiggyPoints you must:
Post a meaningful comment to EACH of the topics discussed by answering EACH of the questions in this topic.
You must INTERACT with other members by reacting to their views and comments.

How long do I stay logged on for?

You are required to login for the 90 minutes to ensure all members are participating in the discussion together.

Important notice:

Please refrain from using any bad language during the online discussion. If you type any bad language your message will not appear on the online discussion group. If for any reason you become logged off during the online discussion group, please login again using the same username and password and rejoin the discussion.